Marketing Training Courses

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Martinsburg Computer Repair offers hands on training for individuals as well as groups. All of our classes can be customized to suit the needs of those attending. We also offer software bundles if needed as part of the classes.

The classes can take place one on one, at your business, at an event center or, online as a part of a streaming course.

Classes we currently offer are listed below. If you are interested in a learning more about a topic that is not on our list, let us know and we can accommodate.

  • How to create effective advertising on a budget
  • Product Photography for E-Commerce
  • How to create Search Engine Optimized Content
  • Social Media Marketing and Effective Content Management
  • Getting the most out of Analytics
  • How to squeeze your competition out of the top of Search
  • The Three C’s of Online Success
  • Everything You Never Knew that You Need about Running an Online Business
  • Viral Marketing 101

Each course offers media to follow along.

Course pricing is dependent on factors such as topic and amount of participants . Please contact us for a quote.