Virus – Spyware Removal

Viruses and Spy ware are not only annoying, they are tools for hackers to steal sensitive personal and business data stored on your computer and on the web. Tools such as keystroke loggers track, record and send every keystroke to an identity thief.

These programs are more invasive and less able to spot because they are designed to hide in the background and often times go undetected by the unsuspecting eye of an average computer user.

The programs are a small file that when connected to the internet gathers larger more invasive files from online databases.

Once infected they can lay dormant for days, weeks or even months without preforming actions that would indicate them as a threat.

Viruses and spy ware can infect your system in a wide range of ways and are not limited to being manually downloaded, using a friends USB thumb drive , clicking on a link to a website from Face book, opening an email, installing a program, and even receiving an attachment from text from your cell phone.

Once infected not only is your personal data at risk, the virus or spy ware might have the ability to interact with your computers peripheral devices. Devices such as your microphone, web camera, external hard drives, USB sticks, router and modem, printers, WiFi enabled security cameras and anything else connected to your wired or wireless network.

It is important that computer owners know of these risks and take appropriate steps to make sure that their systems are secure and virus and spy ware free.

Martinsburg Computer Repair offers a complete anti-virus and anti-spy ware package that scours your systems and places digital barriers in place to reduce the likelihood that your computer will become infected.

We check your system and deal with any infection then install the adequate anti-virus and anti-spy ware software to make sure that your systems stays secure.

If your computer is running slower than normal or your experiencing signs that your computer may be infected, give us a call.

Our basic virus and spy ware removal service starts at only $45 for a basic removal and diagnosis. Installation of anti-virus and anti-spy ware software is only $35 plus the cost of the program that will suit your personal and business needs.

We also offer multiple service and program installations for larger home and business networks as well as on-site diagnostics, installation and repair.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.