Operating System Upgrades

Martinsburg Computer Repair offers Operating System Upgrades with or without our data backup service.

XP Users

If you are running Windows XP or older, your system is no longer available for automatic updates from windows. Not only does this mean that when your system crashes you will not be able to update the drivers for your computer using Microsoft update.

We charge a flat $65 for Operating System Upgrades. Price does not include OS.

Give us a call today to schedule your upgrade.

Post——– System Restorations

Martinsburg Computer Repair offers system restoration services for both residential and our Business Class clients.

The system restoration service takes a computer that has been affected by a system crash whereby the operating software, computer drivers, anti-virus programs, document writer programs and services have to be reinstalled on either the old hard drive or have an new hard drive installed.

Our service charge for this type of repair is our standard $35 an hour not including the cost of any needed software.