Online Marketing and Content Creation

Online Marketing and Content Creation is all about controlling your companies message and engaging your target audience through advance content creation that is both engaging and viral. Success content placement provides brand awareness along with traceable results.

We start with a complete business analysis of previous data (if available) and dive deep in your market demographics. We utilize programs that track visitors to your website, social media and other media outlets to build strategic created content that grows web traffic, social media subscriptions, product sales, viral sharing, all to lower the cost of customer acquisition.

Website Analytics

Website analytic tracks visitor data so that our team can analyze traffic. Then formulate proactive systems to grow your brand, sell your products or services and to gauge the effectiveness of advertising and social media efforts.

Here is just some of the data that analytics will track.

  • New Visitors vs Returning Visitors
  • Visitor country, state, city of origin
  • Visitor language
  • Visitor Age
  • Visitor Sex
  • Visitor Interests
  • Devices used to connect to the site such as Cell phone, tablet, web TV, laptop, etc
  • Visitors internet speed
  • Length of time on the website
  • Time of day that visitors are viewing the website
  • Peak Periods
  • Pages visited
  • First page they visited
  • How many visitors made a purchase
  • What did they purchase
  • Which adverting campaigns are sending traffic to the site
  • What is the effectiveness of each campaigns ROI analysis
  • Organic Traffic from search engines
  • Paid traffic from PPC advertising
  • Social media traffic sources
  • Traffic that is referrals from other website media outlets
  • Search engine keywords used to find the site
  • Search engine ranking for those keywords

We take this data to track progress and analyze this data to develop marketing strategies in both advertising budgets and gauge the progress in social media and website content creation efforts.


We work without business clients to develop advertising that reaps tangible and traceable results. Our clients have access to adverting in pay per click (PPC), social media paid placement, local media outlets, cross promotional platforms, print and TV media outlets and so many more.

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

When you utilize our marketing services we do extensive research on your businesses competition. The competitor analysis includes competitor website search engine ranking, website keyword strategies, social media effectiveness, advertising analysis, and website content analysis to formulate competitive strategies.

Content Creation that is Engaging and Search Engine Optimized.

Content is the lifeblood of any online business. No matter if your a small mom and pop shop or a multimillion dollar corporation. Content that is search engine optimized directly impacts your websites ability to stay at the top of search.

We track and provide content that is keyword rich and correctly coded to raise your traffic from search while reducing your competitors visibility.

Managed Social Media Marketing

Social media offers an incredible opportunity for customer response and product and brand exposure.

Successful social media content is more than cleaver advertisement placement. At the heart of it all is a dedication to create content frequently that not only informs but also engages your fans to share your message to their network of friends and family.

Our team of social media marketing professionals develop this conversation. Then we track and analyze the results to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and market share.

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